Advanced Automation Solutions

Advanced Automation Solutions

Take the stress out of your Marketing and SEO strategy with one of our Advanced Automation Solutions.

We offer customised automation solutions that can provide you with your very own marketing department without the cost and stress of having to hire a team of people to do the work!

Yes, that’s right – when everything is automated you can minimise the human error and ensure maximise coverage for your online brand or business.

Begin with your very own Private Blog Network – supplied by daily fresh content by RSS feed from some of the best content providing sites on the Web.

Link your blogs to all of their own social networking sites, so that each post automatically gets fired out to begin conversations, grow your community and enhance your SEO rankings.

Then with our own fully customised rss plugin, fire out your blog post on auto to your Email Marketing Retention Lists.

And that’s not all! Keep building up your retention list and traffic flow through the entire network with our acquisition email systems!

Head over to SMTPBay and find out how one of our Advanced Automation Solutions can benefit your business now!


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