7 Ways to Become an Email Marketing Master

7 Ways to Become an Email Marketing Master

There is nothing particularly new or innovative to email marketing. As spam detector software becomes ever more sophisticated, thus cutting back on unwanted messages reaching client inboxes the fact remains that when done correctly email marketing is one of the most beneficial and cost effective marketing tools for both the sender and receiver.

In this article we look at some of the methods that can be employed to improve the capacity of the email marketer of today.

1 – Company Branding

Including your company’s logo and branding is an important factor in achieving solid and recognisable brand awareness. Ensure that your email newsletter templates are cleanly coded and coordinated to fit and complement the image of your brand. For instance, use the same typefaces, colour patterns that appear in your additional marketing materials. Ensuring consistency with your banners, landing pages, mailers and website will instil confidence in your business.

2 – Understand Your Customer

Always target your audience by segmenting your lists based on what your users are opening and clicking on. Never repeat send to those that don’t open your email campaigns – they are simply not interested and in so doing you will only increase complaint rate. Segmenting your lists can help you build up a master list of customers based on their behaviour that will provide a bedrock for repeat custom. So market to them wisely and try to always send to them content that is consistent with their interests.

email marketing master

3 – Avoid Over Use of Graphic

Emails that require images to present offers and information can be problematic, as often web browsers will require the user to click to display the images. Whilst using a striking image can be eye catching, too many images can render your email template too heavy to be delivered. Another point worth considering is that with so many users accessing email content via mobile device not all images display or load correctly on those devices.

4 – Be Engaging

Giving your email users something to look forward to will leave them eager to open the next campaign that you send their way. Fresh engaging content will keep their interest piqued. Whilst unbelievable offers will help generate more in sales, don’t forget to provide them with privileged  information free of charge and with tips that will help them get the best out of their products whilst pushing you a cut above the competition.

5 – Test Your Campaigns

Always ensure that your run tests on your campaigns to see how they appear on different devices. With ever changing software, new devices hitting the market, old content and email designs can be rendered obsolete. Those newsletter cycles that you set up two years ago that are now seeing a decrease in customer response maybe because of a display or layout issues. So pay attention to what’s happening!

email marketing master

6 – Always Check Your Statistics

This is a must do, and should be done probably weekly and usually at the start of the week is preferable as it can have a big impact on your marketing strategy for the week onwards. Subject line open rates are the first base in email marketing optimisation so always looking to push up those open rates. Then examine your click through rates. Which one of those email campaigns is underperforming and can be replaced? Those small percentages can really add up if your are keeping tabs on what’s working and what’s failing.

7 – Personalise Your Emails

Keep it friendly, keep it welcoming, use personalisation, and again you will inspire confidence in the service that your brand is providing. Numbers show that customers react more favourably to messages of this kind thanks to the powerful impression of email personalisation. From a technical perspective, personalisation can also enhance email content uniqueness which will in turn help boost your sender reputation.


email marketing master

Birthday greetings, anniversaries and holidays are all great occasions upon which a good email marketer can connect on a personal level with their users whilst also providing great marketing opportunities.

When utilised correctly email marketing will not even appear like a sales pitch to your users. Try to switch the mindset so that you are thinking more about building relationships rather then sales, from the start. As mentioned above your aim should be to build up a master list of interested users that will provide repeat interest and custom for a sustained period.


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