Pro Email Marketing Tips and Tricks

Pro Email Marketing Tips and Tricks

You can maximise the efficiency of your email marketing campaigns by segmenting your lists and targeting each message to match the users in each segment. Tailoring your email campaigns to each user’s specific areas of interest will increase overall engagement in your product, enhance sales and conversions and will ensure that your sending reputation stays great. In this article we look at some tried and tested methods for matching up your marketing campaigns to your clients.

Be Concise

Get straight to the point in your email marketing correspondence. Throughout your cycle of email campaigns you will have a lot of room for getting your message across, so don’t think you need to put it all in one or two campaigns. Keep it direct and digestible and remember that you want to nurture a relationship with your users over time.

Be Consistent

Utilise the same colour codes, design, layouts throughout your campaigns and ensure that they keep in step with your company branding and web presence. Brand awareness should play a leading role along with consistency and together will establish reliability of service.

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Improve User Experience

Mark your users’ experience with your content and product by utilising their opt in details. For instance ensure that whenever your users sign in make sure your forms use auto fill to save time and increase the likelihood that a purchase will be made.

Split Test Subject Line

Always split test subject lines for each email in your email campaign cycle. One subject line will always perform better than the other, so you can push up those small percentages by always trying to outperform the one that is your best opener. Performing split tests on email campaigns is simple with most sending applications. All you need to do is to select one email campaign, divide your mailing list into two and then send out two versions of the same campaign to each list section with a different subject line. As well as improving your overall open rates it Split Tests supply a guide as to which subject lines get accepted and rejected by inbox providers.

Insert Unsubscribe Link

Every one of your emails must contain an unsubscribe link so that your users have the option to opt out of any future marketing campaigns. This is an effective way to manage users that are likely to become inactive as they will remove themselves from your list, plus you run the risk of being identified as a spam mailer if your repeatedly send emails to those who no longer wish to receive them.

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Be Unique

Try to tailor your emails as best you can to your users needs. If possible reference back to where the user signed in in the first place. Whilst similar to personalisation, keeping your content fresh, unique and relevant to each user you will find more positive responses and increased interaction with your campaigns. Holidays, anniversaries and birthdays are also great marketing opportunities and offer up the chance to make each individual users feel valued. Try not to think always about sales, as emails that don’t contain offers can also go along way to enhancing your brand’s awareness.

Email marketing is about a very wide range of variables covering design, strategy, technique, reputation and marketing. Whilst impossible to cover everything you need to learn overnight utilising the points in this article will certainly help you improve results. Email marketing gets better with experience, so the more you work and practice it the more you will see what works and what fails. Be always open to learning and trying out new methods, because when done correct it can yield fantastic results.

 For suggestions on other email marketing methods, where to find email lists, email content, subject lines and setting up a sending application for this strategy take a look at my more detailed post on How to Build an Email List for Huge Online Income.


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