Best Email Marketing Acquisition Strategy for Building an Opt In Email List

Best Email Marketing Acquisition Strategy for Building an Opt In Email List

Setting up a sequence of Autoresponder mailers to work on your acquired email data is simple enough but extracting the openers from the inactive users on all those spreadsheets requires knowledge and cunning! In this article we look at an email marketing method for building up an email list of opt ins from collected and scraped email data.

email marketing acquisition strategy

First Email
This is set as an Autoresponder on the master upload list. As soon as you upload your data to this list, the First Email (called Introduction) will send right away.

Thanks to a trigger, the users among your data in that first upload that open this first email will be removed from the master upload list and put into the opens list. This is called email list segmentation, and is an essential part of being a good email marketer.

Second Email
The second email (called Follow Up) will now send out to the openers that arrived in the opens list from the master upload list. This is set to send out 24 hours after they opened the first email.

Third Email
The third email (called Thank You) will now send another email to the openers in the opens list. Like the previous this should be set to send 24 hours after the previous email, so 48 hours after the user joined this list. This email will be the first in the sequence to contain a link. The link should direct to a landing page on a separate domain from you main business, preferably with an opt in form.

Fourth Email
As there is a link in the third email in the sequence, we have a second trigger set up which will move all of the clicks to a clicks list. Here there is an autoresponder set up that will send 24 hours after the user has joined the clicks list. We can either introduce the users to an offer, to something free such as an ebook or to a webinar, video tutorial, etc. I would recommend here that you talk about whatever offer you want to promote, but save the actually link to the offer for the next email….

Fifth Email
This will contain a link to your promotional offer. And if you have followed all of the previous steps correctly this will send only to the users that have clicked on the link in the third email.

You can now add more offers to the clicks list and also play around more with the opens list. Good email marketing tips include blending up your email marketing campaign with some promo emails in between and sending links to free information that’s highly beneficial for the user. A webinar, for instance, is a great way to increase opens and clicks and also manage your ration of content and offer emails. Use a ratio of 3:1 i.e. 3 relationship emails vs 1 promo email so that your list will remain eager for you mails whilst ensuring that you pro-long the IP reputation on the sending server.

ReEngagement List
The ReEngagement List is built around a ReEngagement campaign that will remove the users from your opens and clicks lists that haven’t opened an email for 10 days.

This is your churn list and functions for two reasons

  • 1 – to prevent you from repeatedly emailing users who showed an interest at first but are no longer interested and so have stopped opening your campaigns, and
  • 2 – it gives you the opportunity to set up another offer mailer to try and re-activate them before they go fully inactive. This can be a very handy email marketing retention strategy as it can generate a lot of conversions from a churn list if you catch the users with a great re-engagement campaign just before they are lost for good. You can also use this list for reactivation campaigns further down the line when you have extra income ideas.

Inactive List
This is set up by way of a trigger to remove users from the master upload list that never opened the first mail. This is purely a technical function to prevent the server from filling up with inactive data and slowing down. Delete and recreate this list every few weeks.

For your Landing Page that these mailers link to, ensure that you adhere to the following steps:

1) Your Landing Page MUST be hosted somewhere public and separate from your main business domain
2) A Free Domain
3) Contain a Call To Action and/or live chat
4) NEVER EVER Send traffic directly to your domain.

Be aware that the purpose of this strategy is to only email your openers and to build up a solid emails list of opt ins from your clickers. Never repeat email to those users who do not open your emails, you will only increase your complaints and will ruin your server reputation.

For suggestions on other email marketing methods, where to find email lists, email content, subject lines and setting up a sending application for this strategy take a look at my more detailed post on How to Build an Email List for Huge Online Income.

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