4 Essential Points to Consider When Starting Out in Email Marketing

4 Essential Points to Consider When Starting Out in Email Marketing

If you, like most people in the world these days, have an email address then you will have experienced email marketing at some level. Sending email is one of the most efficient ways to communicate with your clients and target market. Here we outline a few handy suggestions for making a start in email marketing.

Sign Up Form

To get started you will need a sign up form on your website. This will give your users the chance to opt in for more information about you or your product. Provide a selection when they sign up, for example allow them to choose what category of products they are most interested in, what frequency of emails would they like to receive (daily, weekly, monthly, etc). That way they can customise their membership to your site and feel that you have taken the care and time to meet their needs.


Set Up Your Email Campaigns

The next stage is to put together your email campaigns. Be sure to use designs that are eye catching and consistent with your company branding. Take the time to assess what emails your users like the most and which ones prompt them to click through to your site. Always look for new ways to enhance your campaigns and improve their customer engagement.

Email marketing is a surefire way to gauge your target market and gain insight into what they are looking for and potentially would like to buy from you.

Split Test Your Email Campaigns

Use split tests on your campaigns to test out subject lines. You will always find that some subject lines perform better than others, so always looking to push up the open rate percentages. Increased open rates means increase engagement with your brand so don;t over look it.

Moreover, keep your subject lines down to 60 characters. This should be sufficient for your customers to come to their own conclusions so keep it short to the point and intriguing.

Target Your Email List

Work hard to produce a highly targeted list of email subscribers when building an email list. Ensure that you have a list of fully opted in subscribers and that they are fully engaged with your email marketing campaigns.

Email marketing is one of the most cost effective and efficient ways to push your brand out to large numbers of people. When it is done correctly it can generate serious returns for your business.



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